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“3DA” is a multi-disciplinary Architectural practice, which is dedicated to providing you with a complete solution for your architectural project. 

The founders/ Architects and lead designers, are personally involved in all projects, ensuring that each project is given the required attention, and closely monitoring all aspects of the design and production phases to develop a product of the highest achievable quality.

through this journey, we shall be your trusted partner and adviser .

pre-design phase

Site Analysis

. Highest & Best Use analysis
. Site Analysis: Legal Framework, building regulation, accessibility, topography, prevailing winds, solar study, and context.


. For commercial projects: Based on the intended use, Highest & Best use analysis, site analysis, and the applicable building regulations, we assist you in outlining the "Program" (A detailed list of spacial requirement which shall constitute the project).
. For private projects: we work closely with the client to translate his lifestyle, cultural & social habits, and personal preferences into a functional distribution and spatial layout.

We invest our extended expertise in real estate to maximize the client’s expected ROI.


For clients who signs a full contract or an LCC (Low Commitment consultancy Contract)
. We offer our clients who signed a full contract or an LCC (Low Commitment consultancy Contract) a Complimentary Appraisal, to update the current actual market value of the land or to validate the asking price and orient the client during negotiation.
. For commercial projects, we offer our clients who signed a full contract, a Complimentary feasibility study, to substantiate the project's ROI.​
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design phase

During this phase, periodical meetings and workshops will be conducted with the active participation of the client to discuss the design direction.

The workshops are conducted interactively using BIM platforms which will assist the client in visualizing and interacting with the architectural volume at early stages.

Design Concept & Schematics

. The concept is the backbone and foundation of the design. It is the means to the end product (the completed building or structure) and is the very first part of the design process to be developed and realized.
It shall be the only consistent element that follows the project from beginning to end.
. Based on the concept and the information gathered in the pre-design phase, the schematic design shall be developed and approved by the client

We listen , work collaboratively, and provide expertise, as well as innovative design solutions

Design Development

During this phase, all of the major decisions for the project will be made.

The sketches prepared during Schematic Design will be thoroughly detailed and developed into a complete set of design drawings. All the building materials, fixtures and finishes will be selected. A code review will be performed to confirm that the project meets with the limits and requirements established by any and all regulatory agencies.

Structural, Mechanical & Electrical design shall be initiated and developed during this phase.

Visuals and 3D presentations will conclude this phase, and the client approval shall be acquired.

Budgeting & Scheduling

Taking into consideration the program and the client's requirements
. Set a preliminary budget
. Set a construction outline schedule

Construction, Tender Documents. & Bidding

With the design fully developed, all the required technical information, such as dimensions and notes, will be added to the drawings. All construction drawings will be developed, which will include a detailed pictorial description of every element, material and product used on the job and various lists and schedules (door schedule, window schedule, finish schedule, etc.).

Value Engineering will be performed during this stage to ensure adherence to the set budget.

At the end of this phase, we will compile a comprehensive Bid Package. This package includes a complete set of Construction Documents (Construction Drawings and BOQ & BOS) and the Bid Requirements(Conditions of contracts, instructions, due date, etc.). We will issue a package to each pre-qualified selected bidder. We will collect the bids on the scheduled due date and carefully review and evaluate each one with you. If negotiations are required during the bidding process, we will assist you as necessary.

construction phase

Construction administration

This is the phase when all of our collective hard work comes together. During the construction of you project, we will perform scheduled site visits to supervise and observe the progress and confirm that the project is being built as per the prepared Construction Documents.

We will work closely with the General Contractor to keep the project on schedule and we will efficiently resolve any unexpected issues that may arise. When the project is close to completion, we will perform a “walk-through” with you and prepare a Punch List of items that need completion or adjustment to comply with the tender documents. We will work with you until the project is complete and you are fully satisfied with the results.

Additional services we can offer includes Project Management if required.

The Projects that has been completed through the years were diversified, but consistently unique in function and spatial programs. We pride ourselves in our expanding list of clients, many of them are repeat clients.

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