3rd DIMENSION Architects

Technical Document

Step 3: Technical Document

A. Budgeting & Scheduling​​

Taking into consideration the program and the client’s requirements
1. Set a preliminary budget
2. Set a construction outline schedule​

B. Construction, Tender Documents & Bidding​​​

With the design fully developed, we will:

1. Add all the required technical information, such as dimensions and notes.

2. Develop all construction drawings , which will include a detailed pictorial description of every element, material and product used on the job and various lists and schedules (door schedule, window schedule, finish schedule, etc.).

3. Perform Value Engineering during this stage to ensure adherence to the set budget.

4. At the end of this phase we will:

A. Compile a comprehensive Bid Package. This package includes a complete set of Construction Documents (Construction Drawings and BOQ & BOS) and the Bid Requirements(Conditions of contracts, instructions, due date, etc.).
B. Issue a package to each pre-qualified selected bidder.
C. Collect the bids on the scheduled due date and carefully review and evaluate each one with you. If negotiations are required during the bidding process, we will assist you as necessary.​