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Location: Aqaba . Jordan | Client: ASTRA/ Ayla Oasis Development

AYLA is a unique development on the northern shores of Aqaba, Jordan, which covers an overall area of 430 hectares of land.Located at the western boundary of the city of Aqaba, and utilizing a small stretch of shoreline of 250 meters on the Gulf, Ayla aims to create new coastline by developing a series of man-made lagoons open to the Gulf of Aqaba. The result is an exciting development anchored around 75 hectares of lagoons with an impressive 17km addition to Jordan’s coastline. Once completed, the development will feature a variety of up market hotels (1540 rooms), unique residential communities (3000 units), Jordan’s first international standard golf course and a town center encompassing a marina, retail units, cafes, entertainment and recreational facilities.From a tiny stretch of coast (250m), a waterfront haven of leisure will be created. Ayla Oasis will provide the ultimate live, work and play experience for tourists and residents at the Red Sea resort of Aqaba.

  • Design Consultant and supporting Architect for the interior modelling of residential apartments in Ayla Marina Village
  • Lead Architect for the Design Development of the Ayla Marina Village, Souk Hotel (80 keys boutique hotel)
  • Design Architect for the Ayla Marina Village Blocks 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 & 07
  • Peer Review for the AMV Construction documents
  • Construction Administration Site support
  • Owner representative and design coordinator for: AYLA Beach 10
Production Studios

Media City

Location: Mount Lebanon, Kahhaleh, Lebanon | Client: Shk. Hisham elhafez

The project originated from a will to invest in the multimedia business flourishing throughout the middle east through the erection of three 1000m2 (would have been the largest in the middle east) and four 500m2 production studios serviced by a 6 floors administration building containing offices, changing and make-up rooms, and control and editing rooms. The basic planning and distribution concept originated from the best use of the slope of the site purchased in kahhaleh which dictated the layout of the different functions and specifically the administration building being central and inverted (ground floor and 5 underground floors, lit through an internal courtyard, with two panoramic lifts). The general architecture was aimed at reflecting prestige and excellence, and the architectural elements have been largely borrowed from the shape and material of equipments used in the filming trade, to produce an architectural composition that reflects grandeur.​​

Lead Architect


Mechref Private Residence

Location: Mechref, Lebanon| Client: Mr. Nassar

Private Residence, consisting of 3 floors and an indoor swimming pool

Lead Architect


Suite Hotel

Location: Bodrum, Turkey | Client: Shk. Nasser el Soubah

The project consists of modifying an existing concrete structure to house a 25 suites hotel coupled to a 5 suites cruising yacht for entertainment purposes.

Lead Architect


el sadd

Location: El Sadd, Doha, Qatar | Client: Undisclosed

The project as shown has adapted a functional form that has originated from the land shape. The neutral rectangular shaped plot has been extruded, and sliced diagonally to allow for two main accesses to the building since the plot is located between two streets.The extruded cube has then, been sliced horizontally and volumes has been shifted, joined and merged to create the final volumetrics of the building. Material has differentiated the volumes to create a building that looks different from every corner.

Lead Architect


Chemlane Private Residence

Location: Mount Lebanon, Chemlane, Lebanon | Client: General Hashem Said Hashem

A private residence that reflects in its planning and volumetric the client’s taste and his will to adopt the Lebanese traditional central hall scheme for its simplicity and spatial qualities. The distribution plan of the two storey villa adopts the central hall and splits it into a double volume entrance and a main living area in the ground floor, and a circulation space and a family living suite in the 2nd floor. Service spaces on the ground floor and bedrooms in the 2nd floor are as traditionally is the case, gathered around the central hall. The client’s will to create an indoor swimming pool directly accessible from the exercise area dictated the added volume which has been tied to the main villa through the use of an imposing curved wall with arches on the main façade which has created a transitional external space covered with wooden pergola and glass, which acts also as a mean for creating privacy

Lead Architect

gated community

oasis 10

Location: Aqaba . Jordan| Client: Ayla

A medium density residential community

Architectural Competition


AYTB Headquarter

Location: Al-Khobar, KSA| Client: AYTB

An industrial oil & Gas engineering and manufacturing company, headquarters. The volumetrics are generated as follows: six departments distributed on 3 floors rotate around a triple volume nucleus which acts as the main entrance hall and circulation hub. This rotation created roof gardens that act as a backdrop to each department.

Architectural Competition


Private Residence

Location: KSA | Client: Dr. Fares Abalkhail

A Private residence that reflects clearly the client’s  interest in the authentically Andalusian architectural style.Public, Semi public and private courtyard surrounded by living spaces

Architectural Competition


the lofts

Location: Jdeydeh,  Lebanon | Client: Undisclosed

A residential tower housing two types of apartments: standard  in different sizes including duplexes stacked in 3 vertical  towers, And Lofts  housed in 3 horizontal volumes.The general composition created outdoor areas for public and private use.

Architectural Competition


Automobile Dealership

Location: Antelias, Lebanon | Client: Undisclosed

An automobile dealer of two major brands wishes to relocate to a headquarter to house both brands in 2 showrooms with supporting administrative offices.

Architectural Competition


Golden Tulip Galleria Hotel

Location: Jnah, Beirut, Lebanon | Client: Jnah Development | Area: 33’000 m2

Galleria hotel, previously operated by Marriott has been in the touristic sector since 1995.the owner currently wishes to keep the existing concrete skeleton and to renovate and redevelop the hotel by:Converting around 7000 m2 of the commercial existing areas to supporting services and public halls.Erecting an additional floor to house suites and a roof swimming pool deck.Modifying the interior architecture of all the existing internal public areas, rooms and suites.Modifying The external facades and volumetric to reflect the same spirit of the new architectural approach

Lead Architect

Exterior Face-lift

The Main Lobby

The Business Center

The All-Day Dining

The Atrium & Rooms’ Corridors

The Grand Stairs, Pre-Function & Ballroom

The Roof top Swimming Pool

The Executive Lounge (2 Options)


GOLD Jewelry Shop

Location: Marelias, Beirut, Lebanon | Client: Mr. Maher Najjarine

The jewelry shop has been treated as an architectural sculpture through creating an imposing cladded façade rather than a shopping window and through the introduction of a floating curved counter that enhances the spatial qualities of the shop’s interior. Each internal façade has been designed to complement the other and architectural elements work in pieces to create a whole. The use of wood and the color scheme enhances the welcoming aspect and the feel of warmth.

Lead Architect | Design & Build

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