Architecture & Interior

Design (SD, DD, CD) | Supervision | Design & Build | Value Engineering | Peer Review | Project Management

Our team of dedicated and talented Architects and Interior Designers have Designed successfully through the years a wide range of projects, Including: private residences, production studio, hotels, multi-use compounds, residential buildings & towers, public market, office building and headquarter, and commercial shops

We have built a reputation of Creativity, Ingenuity and Reliability.

Real Estate Consultancy &
Engineering Expertise

Appraisal | Feasibility Studies | Investment Consultants

We are accredited in “Professional Real Estate appraisal” from the “National College of Appraisal” in Atlanta/ Georgia; And we are Certified by the Lebanese Justice ministry & Lebanese Courts.

Since 1995, we have been offering professional  real estate appraisal services for the Lebanese court of law, individuals, corporations and the banking sector.

We have since been retained consultants for several public and private institutions, among which, The Central bank of Lebanon.

Additionally we offer other forms of real estate consultancy services such as “feasibility studies” and investment opportunity analysis.

The appraisal tasks completed through the years range from simple property appraisal (residential, commercial & plots) to complex appraisal tasks (unique or large plots, residential compounds, hotels, factories, schools, restaurants…) requiring feasibility studies to support the valuation.

The scientific approaches and processes we master includes: Sales comparison method, Cost approach/ Residual method, and Income capitalization method.

Mediation & Arbitration (ADR)

Mediation | Arbitration

Since 2004, we have been providing Mediation and Arbitration services in the construction sector