3rd DIMENSION Architects


Step 1: Pre-Design Phase

A. Site Analysis

We will initiate the Design phase with the following:

  • Highest & Best Use analysis.
  • Site Analysis: Legal Framework, building regulation, accessibility, topography, prevailing winds, solar study, and context.

B. Programming

For commercial projects:

Based on the intended use, Highest & Best use analysis, site analysis, and the applicable building regulations, we will assist you in outlining the “Program” (A detailed list of spacial requirement which shall constitute the project).

For private projects:

we will work closely with the client to translate his lifestyle, cultural & social habits, and personal preferences into a functional distribution and spatial layout.

Step 2: Design Phase

A. Design Concept & Schematics​

The concept is the backbone and foundation of the design. It is the means to the end product (the completed building or structure) and is the very first part of the design process to be developed and realized.
It shall be the only consistent element that follows the project from beginning to end.

Based on the concept and the information gathered in the Pre-Design phase, we will develop the schematic design to be eventually approved by the client.​

B. Design Development​​​

During this phase, we will take all of the major decisions for the project. We Shall:

1. Thoroughly detail and develop the sketches prepared during Schematic Design, into a complete set of design drawings.

2. Select all the building materials, fixtures and finishes.

3. Perform a code review to confirm that the project meets with the limits and requirements established by any and all regulatory agencies.

4. Initiate and develop Structural, Mechanical & Electrical design.

5. Visuals and 3D presentations will conclude this phase, and we will acquire the client’s approval.

Next Phase

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