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since 1995We provide professional Real Estate appraisal, valuation & consultancy services for individuals, corporations and the banking sector, in Lebanon .

We are experts in the Lebanese Real Estate marketwith a special focus on the region of the capital Beirut, and Mount Lebanon.

We are the retained consultants for several public and private corporate institutions, among which, The Central bank of Lebanon/ The Banking Control Commission; And we  are sworn experts at the Lebanese courts.

We are certified in “Professional Real Estate appraisal” from the “National College of Appraisal” in Atlanta/ Georgia.

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Real Estate Appraisal

The Real Estate appraisal tasks, in Lebanon, completed  through the years, ranged from: 

simple property appraisal: residential Apartments, commercial properties, and vacant Land.

to complex appraisal tasks: M&A appraisals, Corporate real estate portfolios, unique or large plots, residential compounds, hotels, hospitals, factories, schools, and restaurants.

Some appraisal tasks require additionally, feasibility studies to support the valuation.

The scientific approaches and processes we master includes:

  • Sales comparison method
  • Cost approach/ Residual method
  • Income capitalization method.

We have developed, based on the URAR (Unified Residential Appraisal Report, used in the USA) , a digital appraisal report template, in Arabic and in English. This form has been crafted and adapted to suit the local requirements, therefore it has been adopted by many official institutions in Lebanon for being thorough yet comprehensive.

Few examples from our sizable portfolio

  • Dairy factory in the Beqaa
  • Appraisal of the Land and the Construction
  • Evaluation of the damages occurred after an israeli air strike, and the reconstruction cost
Large Unique Land
  • Two, large adjacent plots of land, in Beirut with a coastal frontage.
  • The land is regulated by different building codes which added to the complexity of the task.
  • Fully operational hospital in Beirut
  • Valuation of the land and construction including all improvements
  • A specialized appraiser conducted an evaluation of the medical equipment
  • Fully operational Hotel in Beirut
  • Valuation of the land and construction (building and fixed assets) including all improvements

Additional Services

Feasibility Studies

We specialize in Real Estate feasibility studies, which is performed as a stand-alone profitability analysis, or to substantiate and validate an appraisal task which utilizes the Residual Approach method.

Our professional background as Architects, and our specific training in feasibility and the extensive knowledge we have acquired in the market, has allowed us to develop a feasibility and business model template that is mostly automated: an input of few specific legal and financial variables will automatically yield to a cash flow forecast, IRR, ROI and ROE.

Market Analysis

We perform Real Estate Market studies for requested regions to document the current trends in the construction market. This is to assist you in formulating a specific program for a specific plot of land in order to maximize profitability.

Location & Accessibility, available supply of real estate products v/s demand, asking prices, available areas offered, features and amenities offered, and eventually an analysis of all the findings with recommendations.

"Etat des lieux"

Prior of commencing the construction activities, and specifically in locations surrounded by existing structures, we perform an “Etat des Lieux” (status of the surrounding structures and roads) report which documents the current structural status of all the surrounding.

Such report will assit you, in case of claims and litigation whenever damages arises due to the construction activities, to verify the claim and estimate the relevant compensation if required.

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