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Sworn Expert Engineers at the Lebanese Courts

your property has faced damages, and you are entitled for a compensation. We will provide you with an accurate “Damage Survey” to support your claim.



loss assessment

Sworn Expert Engineers at the Lebanese Courts

When your property faced damages due to external circumstances, you may be entitled for a compensation. We will provide you with an accurate “Damage Survey” to support your claim.




Damages to your property may occur due to unfortunate events such as

Abuse of rental properties

In rental properties, upon termination of the contract, the condition of the property may be in a status beyond the normal wear & tear.
At that point, if any claim resulted in litigation, a report recording and assessing the damages will be provided to you as the basis for any action.

Structural & non-Structural Failure

It may happen for an array of reasons such as defective workmanship, differential settlement, land movement and natural disasters.
The report will record the damages and identify the cause, as well as suggest the remedy based on the best practices. Structural tests, if required, will be outsourced to specialized laboratories.

Act of war, vandalism & terrorism

In such circumstances claims to insurance companies and legal authorities or NGOs & donors will require a supporting document in the form of an official "Damage Survey" report.
The report will faithfully record the damages and assess the cost of repair and/or replacement.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike with no warning. Damages and material loss shall be surveyed and assessed.
The "Damage Survey" report shall be the basis of your claim for compensation from insurance companies and donors.

The Process...

1. Survey

We thoroughly survey your property, gathering all the required data including a photographic record and a descriptive record.

2. Analyze

We analyze all the findings and we set the framework which will be used to represent faithfully our observations.

3. Report

We shall prepare a report using photographic and descriptive material to record and accurately document all the damages observed.

4. Assess

An assessment of the current cost of replacement and repairs will be calculated based on actual material take-off

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Why 3DA?

Sworn Experts

We are Expert Architects and Engineers sworn at the Lebanese courts, and we have been retained consultants for several governmental bodies and private institutions since 2001.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the field of Architecture and Construction. We have been offering our expertise services in the construction field since 1995.


We master the art of reporting.

We have developed since 2010, a well structured and detailed report format which promotes the clarity and completeness of the recorded data. Therefore, the document we provide to support your claim will stand uncontested when submitted to concerned parties.

Additional Services

Appraisal & Feasibility

Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation including Profitability Feasibility Studies.

Market Analysis​

Real Estate studies to record and identify construction trends and markers in a designated region.

"Etat des lieux"

Structural and Architectural state of a property and/ or its immediate surrounding.