3rd DIMENSION Architects

Production Studios
Mount Lebanon, Kahhaleh, Lebanon
Shk. Hisham elhafez
16’000 sqm

The client wishes to invest in the multimedia business flourishing throughout the middle east through the erection of three 1000m2 (would have been the largest in the middle east) and four 500m2 production studios serviced by a 6 floors administration building containing offices, changing and make-up rooms, and control and editing rooms.
The basic planning and distribution concept originated from the best use of the slope of the site purchased in kahhaleh which dictated the layout of the different functions and specifically the administration building being central and inverted (ground floor and 5 underground floors, lit through an internal courtyard, with two panoramic lifts).
The general architecture was aimed at reflecting prestige and excellence, and the architectural elements have been largely inspired from the shape and material of equipment used in the filming trade, to produce an architectural composition that reflects grandeur.​​


Lead Architect