3rd DIMENSION Architects

Abalkhail Residence

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dr. Fares Abalkhail
2’450 sqm

A Private residence that clearly reflects the client’s interest in the authentic Andalusian architectural style. Public, Semi public and private courtyard surrounded by living spaces.


Architectural Competition

Functional Distribution

  1. Public space: surrounding a courtyard, including formal reception spaces, dining room, external reception space, and related services
  2. Semi-public spaces: main entrance, casual dining space, Kitchen, servants’ quarter and services
  3. Private spaces: surrounding another courtyard, an external private living space with a swimming pool, includes Children living room and bedrooms and a master bedroom with a private living room and study.
Ground Floor
First Floor
  1. Main entrance: cubic in shape with a domed roofed volume expressed to the interior as well, facing an
    internal planted courtyard (No. 15)
  2. main reception space
  3. main reception space with vaulted roof
  4. main reception space
  5. Arched walkway with domed roof linking the reception space to the dining space.
  6. Dining space directly serviced by the main kitchen through a pantry.
  7. Colonnade surrounding the public courtyard (no. 13) and an extension to the internal reception/ dining
  8. Casual dining: Used primarily by household members for casual breakfast and dining directly serviced by
    the kitchen
  9. The main kitchen with services, serving both the public and private quarters.
  10. Servants quarter
  11. Guest bathroom
  12. Private living space with children bedrooms and services, with direct access to the private courtyard and
    swimming pool
  13. Public courtyard surrounded by reception spaces, with a water basin and fountain and landscaped area
    and an extension to the internal reception space (No. 7)
  14. Private courtyard with landscaped area, a swimming pool and a covered extension to the internal living
    space serviced by the main kitchen
  15. Internal planted courtyard inducing filtered light and creating a non-focal point of interest for the main
  16. Staircase leading to the first floor, expressed clearly in volumetric and surrounding a wind tower like
    volume which will serve as another planted courtyard on the ground floor and a secondary non-focal point
    to the main entrance.
  17. First floor: Master bedroom with a private living space and a study and services.